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K6KGE amateur radio repeaters Taft Ca

Please allow the carrier to drop and an additional three seconds

before transmitting to allow breaking stations to get in.

441.125 + PL 141.3 Taft Linked to the Kern Emergency Radio Network

KERN System (See )

927.0875 - PL 100 Taft Can be linked to the KERN System upon command)

441.600 + Yaesu System Fusion Taft Linked to the LA Repeater Room 21042

(See )

441.575 + Yaesu System Fusion

147.975 repeater negative offset CTCSS 110.9 remote base.

Linked to 52.8400 WA6IPZ repeater on Bear Mt near Fresno, Hanford, Visalia.

Systems can be powered off generator fueled with LPG if power loss occurs.

I also monitor the Fusion system and The Remote Base system.

I monitor TG 110688.

Link to my Aircraft Monitoring Reporting. Real Time.